2018 Rosé

2018 Estate Rosé

Our refreshing Rosé was grown in our new vineyard on the eastern side of the Santa Clara Valley just east of Gilroy that is carefully tended by George and Lynda Green. They meticulously farm this vineyard to maximize quality. The 2018 growing season was outstanding the Santa Clara Valley allowing for a long hang time on the vine. Strawberry, cherry and watermelon aromas in this delicious summer wine are complimented with juicy fruit and balanced acidity in the mouth. Enjoy this wine on your patio, in a park or just about anywhere you need a refreshing rose to brighten your day.

Vineyards and Blend:

57% Verde Vineyard Syrah
28% Verde Vineyard Merlot
15% Verde Vineyard Sangiovese


100% Santa Clara Valley


4 months in stainless steel tank, no malolactic fermentation


April 15, 2019




154 cases

Release Date:

August 1, 2019

$12/Glass (6oz, wine glass not included)